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About Action for Sport

The journey

Action For Sport are determined to prevent poverty being a barrier to children and young people playing sport.

Action For Sport founders Andrew Kenure and Clive Michallat saw poverty first-hand in the secondary school where they both worked. 

Some children were unable to participate in PE lessons because their families couldn’t afford the sporting boots, trainers and kit that they needed. Some children were even missing school on PE days to avoid the embarrassment of asking for kit from their teachers. This was the motivation which led Andrew and Clive to establish Action For Sport.

Andrew Kenure


Clive Michallat


The Charity encourages sports companies, the public, sporting clubs and other organisations to donate unwanted or outgrown boots, trainers and kit. These are then checked and sanitised before being distributed in schools to disadvantaged children. The response the team has received has been fantastic. The heart-warming stories of children’s newfound self-esteem, of making new friends and joining sporting clubs only confirms that the charity needs to reach more children.

Action For Sport has saved families living in poverty hundreds of thousands of pounds and has saved hundreds of tonnes of sporting items from going to landfill. Action For Sport have changed so many lives for the better, by giving everyone the opportunity to enjoy sport and all the benefits that sport can bring.

Action for sport

Get access to sports kit

Action For Sport is a national charity dedicated to ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to participate in sport. 

We provide exclusive discounts from national and local retailers to help families that need it most to gain access to sports equipment. We can also provide sports equipment to those most in need completely free.

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I’m a parent, guardian or carer looking for help to get access to sports equipment

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I’m a school, club, or organisation and I would like my participants to have better access to sports equipment

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