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Action For Sport are determined to prevent poverty being a barrier to children and young people playing sport. Everyone should have the opportunity to participate and poverty should never be a barrier.

As a registered charity we rely on the financial, moral, a tangible support from organisations, companies, the public, and volunteers. If you think you can help to support our cause, please get in touch. 

Sport for everyone

Action For Sport is a national charity dedicated to ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to participate in sport.

Our process relies on working closely with sports retailers, schools, and organisations to ensure that we can open the door to acessing sports kit for those who otherwise would go without. 

Join our Schools and Clubs Network

We have spent many years building up a network of schools, clubs, and organisations which we work closely with to reach people in need.

We are contiunaly looking to expand our network so that we can reach as many people as possible who have limited or no access to sports equipment due to their circumstances.

Become a Supporting retailer

We need the support of sports equipment retailers by providing exclusive deals and discounts which will be distributed to only those who need help the most.

With our targeted process and our dedicated portal, we can reach people who may not have access to sport and sports equipment.

Ambassadors and Sponsorhip

Our team of ambassadors and sponsors play a huge role in helping to get the word out about our cause and supporting our opperations and finances.

If you think you can support us by becoming an ambassador or sponsoring Action For Sport we'd love to hear from you.

Other Ways to support us


You can donate to us directly by visiting our fundraising page on Peoples Fundraising.


We sometimes need help from volunteers to run the charity or support us at events.


One of the best ways to support Action For Sport is to spread the word by sharing our website and social posts.

About Action For Sport

Action For Sport is determined to prevent poverty from being a barrier to children and young people playing sports.

Founders Andrew Kenure and Clive Michallat witnessed poverty firsthand while working at a secondary school.

Some children were unable to participate in PE lessons because their families couldn’t afford the sporting boots, trainers, and kit that they needed. Some children even missed school on PE days to avoid the embarrassment of asking for kit from their teachers. This experience motivated Andrew and Clive to establish Action For Sport.

Andrew Kenure


Clive Michallat


The charity encourages sports companies, the public, sporting clubs, and other organisations to donate unwanted or outgrown boots, trainers, and kit. These are then checked and sanitised before being distributed in schools to disadvantaged children. The response from the team has been fantastic. The heartwarming stories of children’s newfound self-esteem, of making new friends and joining sporting clubs only confirm that the charity needs to reach more children.

Action For Sport has saved families living in poverty hundreds of thousands of pounds and has saved hundreds of tonnes of sporting items from going to landfill. Action For Sport has changed so many lives for the better by giving everyone the opportunity to enjoy sports and all the benefits that sport can bring.

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Share this page with your school, club, or organisation and encourage them to enquire. It could change the lives of the people participating in sport by helping them to get better access to sports equipment.